and just like that...

                                                             our tootie turns 7???

1 month

                                   3                                                  4

5 & 6
how this happend is a wonder... this child fought to be in this world. she is the messiest kid. she is clumsy. she is eating like crazy. she's become pretty sassy. she's got a good belly goin' on. she loves her bearsy. plays zhuzhu pets. wants to do anything, soccer, swimming, piano, volleyball, ect. tries extra hard to keep up with 6 older cousins and sisters. she's whitty. a solid singer, a better dancer. loves a big clip in her hair! still calls us mama and dada. she has stinky feet. super goofy & a huge bugger sometimes. always has bruises and scrapes. snuggly. has big morning hair. baby talks ALOT right now...yuck. couldn't imagine our life without this face, this personality, this special being. wouldn't change a thing about her. happy #7 camille. we love everything about u!! xoxo

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  1. So precious. I could not imagine life with out that little thing. Thanks for sharing her!!