i'm in love...

this pict. seriously makes all the crazy in my brain go foggy. i fell in love tonight, for maybe 2 hours scouring their websites. yes, BOTH have websites because both are that amazing at what they do. SHE, an artist a stylist and has a hell of a good eye for beauty. HE an unreal photographer, who allows them to be at some exotic, romantic, soulful and simple destinations where his lovely bride styles and helps make the weddings look immpecable. a dream! i think i might love her so much because her website has a deer in it, hellllooo people, you know who your talking to right? and we create pretties that really resemble each other. ooohhh, maybe she copied me. no, not true. but the truth is... they are blessed to be able to work together creatively and make for some memorable moments. a little factoid about me and my handsome groom... we dream of that too, working together someday! lucky them! ENJOY the beauty...
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