twenty eleven

happiest new year to you! may it bring much love & blessings. join me in vowing to "simplify my life!" my awesome sister wishes me luck with that!!! thanks heidi....a pipe dream i know, but i'm gunna give it a go. WATCH ME!!
ok, let's get serious. i want you to know that my other vow is that i will always have a good stock of pretties throughout the year. and i say to myself, "ummm good luck with that." another pipe dream, but yay... know that i am ALWAYS up for special orders. i love when u give me a little teensy tiny bit of an idea u might want. but i'm pretty good at busting them out blind too. soooooo call me, email me, facebook me (oh yeah, i'm not on that) page me at my girls school, or yell my name really loud in target (that's your best bet) i'm pretty easy to find!! i would be honored to create something fun. again happiest of new years to you!! here's to a simple 2011~ i'm serious, let's do it together! xoxo. kel

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  1. I LOVE my new pretty flowers! I was so excited about showing them off today... you are so popular that everyone is saying, "Oh I love that flower. I have one almost just like it! Isn't it great!" ;) You are truly so talented and I can't wait to put in more requests. You are amazing my friend. Michele xoxoxo