thoughts of pretty...

(i have to recreate this image with my pretties...it makes me smile! someday i'll get professional like this right?)

hi frenz-
i've just been thinking ALOT about my little business... it's a funny thing, this little business of mine. i am elated that you all continue to want to buy my pretties. it has become a most wonderful creative outlet for me. ever since i had my sophie (almost 11 yrs ago AHHH!) i have struggled to fulfill that side of my brain. i crave creative!! just know that you all are helping to fill up my creative tank! that is the best gift i could ever receive! so again, i am a broken record saying...thank u!!
onto other thoughts...i know that many of you have many ideas for my little business. and oh how i appreciate all of your enthusiasm! for example; i have had multiple offers to sell in salons, stores or "you should sell on etsy" or "have you ever thought about doing them like this?" or "i think that you should add this" etc...
i PROMISE you that i take all of your thoughts and suggestions to heart. i get excited with you about the possibilities. BUT for now, listen to my thoughts about where i'm at with this little business.
"little" is a key word for the moment. i don't have to be reminded of all the other responsibilities i have in my life. they are full picture in my face from the moment i wake up until the time my head hits the pillow. so keeping do pretty... as a "little" fun side business is GOOD for me right now.
as far as selling to salons/stores, ect. for now, i'm feeling really GOOD about my flowers being somewhat in my control. i know i couldn't keep up with inventory at this time of my life. not to mention, by not being in any stores they are somewhat exclusive right? i will NEVER turn down a chance to sell at a boutique event, or at your home if you ask me to, or any special orders. (unless of course there are conflicting events) so keep calling, keep asking- your orders make me happy!!
take um or leave um, but they're my thoughts about a funny little business i call do pretty... much love to all of my frenz that care.
xoxo, a very grateful keli

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