hard hard gettin' back to it... but this morning i kissed 3 little cheeks off to school & w/out distraction i can organize my thoughts & picts. after 2 weeks of sweet sweet vacation!! 

2012 christmas house. 
new spot for christmas tree this year, not sure i loved it...wasn't as cozy. kids decorated the tree. i've given up the control of a perfectly decorated tree. "elfy" our elf on the shelf successfully made all his little flights around our home except for maybe 2? he really is starting to be a pain. the magic of santa lives on in our 12, 10 & 7 year old ladies.
all this christmas house stuff is sitting on my dining room table waiting to be shoved back into their boxes my house feels naked & i will miss the glow of the lights.
puckett christmas!! 
hosted my mom's side of the family this year. i think there were about 40 relatives in my home that eve. i loved it!! we caroled through our neighborhood like we used to do when we were younger. was really fun to bring back the tradition. made some of my neighbors cry. awwwwww.
easton's first christmas!!! 
we were saying our christmas prayer. look at all the little hands that wanted to hold his. 
love that little piggy.
visited marmie & armpie in their new home. 
a new & must do family christmas morning tradition. 
my family spent every single christmas at their home up in the chico area. while we have created new memories, the memories of christmas with them will NEVER be forgotten.
it was an emotional visit for all of us. 
post christmas camping!!
this will be happening every year. it is so great leaving the chaos of the holidays for a few days of fresh air & quiet of camping. and honestly...i'm not ready after christmas to give up my family to play dates, laundry & honey do lists. loved disappearing for just us time.
 but it was icy cold!!!!!! like freezing.
they made me go to the pool with them one night. seriously gnarly.
don't be too excited roche to be on that thing... 

my cute friend lives up the street & wanted to experience camping w/ the roche's. 
she came for wine & smore's. and then we realized she not only had secret reflectors on her jacket, but also her eyes!!! she did a rookie burned her ugg on the fire pit move too.
she's a funny girl. we laughed a lot that night. as usual.

guess what santa brought sophie? and guess who wanted to be her first client? 
that curling iron makes some serious curls.
trying to snap camille's do. it was a huge bouffant! we were cracking up, crying laughing.
a wedding on new year's eve? sooooo fun!!! can we do that every year?
pict. is just because it was a fun excuse to wear hot pink tights & payless booties. heck yes.
i have no idea why i have fuzzy eyeballs in this pict. that's my cute date. always the cutest one at the party, even with the rat tail. see it? it's a conversation maker for sure. 
it really just needs its own post in the future.

a really fun night with close friends and family. i believe we danced from 8:30pm-1:30am. 
kissed a cute boy at midnight & kept dancing. 
like everyone was dancing... 
& then there was a lot of sweaty haired people doing some interesting/hysterical moves 
by the wee-hours. 
loved every minute of it.
cheers to a fresh new year with some new projects, paths, logos & dreams.
this is my year to BE, i can just feel it. 
keep posted for what all that might entail... i'm curious myself.

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