my affair with tjmaxx...

                                                                 again...crappy crap crappy picts. uhhhgggggg i apologize for the millionth time.

 get excited!!! john robshaw was at my tjmaxx (which is the best one in the history of tjmaxx's, it totally likes me. wooooos me with the deals).  large bag $40 small bag $20. DEAL!!!!!

if i were a millionaire i promise u this...i would still be pillaging for a deal. it's just in me, it's just exciting to me, it's actually just really annoying to some people.  but i feel like the smartest shopper EVER because look what i can find! it's no joke...

   this pict. is care of neiman marcus. same bag... $95 difference. u do the math.      xo.k                    

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